Not all moving companies take the same rates; therefore, it is essential to compare them before selecting one. The following are some of the factors which might influence their billing rates:

Time Distance: Companies that are located close to your residence will usually charge less. Moving companies that are further away might have higher rates because of the increased travel expenses.

The weight and volume of your household goods: If the weight or volume of your property is heavy, you will be charged more as compared to those who have less to relocate.

You may be required to pay extra charges if you need a large truck due to bulky furniture.

Some companies charge by cubic feet rather than volumetric weight, which is rather difficult to calculate.

The number of trips you will need for your move: Some movers may ask you to pay extra fees if they have to make multiple trips. Hence it would be much better to secure the truck with all your belongings in one go. Always try to cover a distance within one trip.

Size of your household: If you have a more prominent family, it will be wise to hire a moving company because they can easily manage all the belongings without damage. In addition, there is a chance that they may charge less for larger families, although this is not always true.

Insurance coverage provided by the company: You can avoid additional costs if you have a general or limited insurance plan from an insurer. The moving company will only need to be paid for the actual value of your goods and not the declared value in case of any loss or damage during transit.

Moving date: All companies may charge a different rate for weekends and holidays, especially when their trucks are idle.

However, this is not true for all movers, therefore do some research before selecting one.

Special requirements: Some companies might charge an extra fee for requests like liftgate service (to lower the goods to ground level), appliance cartons, packing material, last-minute changes in order quantities, etc.

The moving service you need: Different companies may offer different types of moving services. Therefore it is best to select somebody who can suit your needs.

Special items to be moved: If you have any antique or fragile furniture, it would be wise to hire a professional mover. This is because they are insured and experienced in handling high-value items.

Extended moving dates: If your move takes a week or more, you should select a company that has a lower daily rate.

Longer distance: Companies located further away will charge you more because of the increased travel cost.

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