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Pets are great, but they do require plenty of care and cleaning up. The most important thing to remember about pets is that they can cause stains on your upholstery’s which make the home seem untidy. Pets like cats and dogs can produce large amounts of urine which can lead to staining of your upholstery. A scent left by pet urine makes the room very uncomfortable for the occupants. There are many products on sale that claim to remove these odors, however, you need to know what works best before purchasing these products as it may not be economical at all times. So here I will discuss some upholstery cleaning Gold Coast methods on how you can remove pet odors from upholstery without spending too much or without using expensive products.

Different Methods to Get Rid Of Pet Odors and Stains

1) Take a large bucket and fill it with warm water. Then add a few cups of vinegar to this water, vinegar is an excellent solution for removing pet urine stains as it contains acetic acid which makes it very effective in eliminating the bacteria that can cause these stains. Mix the vinegar properly with the water so that you get the perfect solution for cleaning up your upholstery’s or furniture which has been stained by pet urine. Make sure not to put too much of vinegar in the mixture because if some people are allergic to this ingredient, they may suffer from some irritation on their skin while being cleaned by this method. Also, if any of your pets lick themselves after being cleaned by this method, they may develop hiccups due to the vinegar which can be quite irritating.

2) The second way you can remove pet urine stains is by using baking soda which is a very useful ingredient for getting rid of stains caused by pets or even food items like wine. If your upholstery has any sort of water mark stain then sprinkle some baking soda on it and let it absorb all the moisture for about 20 minutes. Then you can vacuum up all the powder that was formed as a result of the baking soda absorbing the moisture. This method works best if done immediately after your pet has urinated on your upholstery because sometimes there are odors associated with these stains also, therefore using this powder will eliminate both odor and also the stain on your upholstery.

3) There is another natural way to get rid of pet urine stains and odors which you can use for upholstery’s or furniture where your pets generally pee on them. Take a shallow dish and place it in such a way that the middle of the dish is covering the area where your pets like to urinate (you will need to figure this out yourself). Then pour some water into this dish and let it stay overnight, through the next morning you will see that all the fluids from these accidents have been soaked up by the dish and thus eliminates any sort of odor or stains on your upholstery’s. It works similarly as paper towels do but without leaving any kind of fibers behind on your upholstery, so if you are skeptical about using paper towels to clean your upholstery’s, you can use this method.

4) Using a black light is also a good way you can find any sort of stains on your upholstery’s which have been created by pets or their accidents. This is because during the night when there isn’t much light around, fluorescent materials get illuminated and thus become easily visible under a black light. So you can just turn on a backlight at night and identify all the parts of your upholstery that have been stained by pet urine, then go ahead and clean them using one of the above methods I stated above for removing stains from upholstery.

In addition to these four upholstery cleaning Brisbane methods, some other ways in which you can remove pet odors from upholstery’s includes, steam cleaning the upholstery’s which is known to remove all dust particles and bacteria that have accumulated on your rugs or furniture, vacuuming any sort of stain with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, shampooing the upholstery to rid it off any stains or odors created by your pet, you can also use oxygen bleach powder if nothing else works for you.


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