The planet is amidst a crisis where not only a virus but climate change too have affected deliberately. Under such circumstances, corporates need to take a step towards a greener future by opting for sustainability. Companies need to understand that to avail a good name in the market, they need to take a different and unique path of sustainability while giving corporate gifts that provide a clear message that the Earth needs us and we are here to save it.

What is Sustainable Corporate Gifting?

If you don’t know what can help you to stand out from others, then switching to sustainable corporate gifting will make it happen. Sustainable corporate gifts mean you are encouraging environment-friendly gifts given to clients/employees/customers. Instead of switching to a fancy basket or plastic pen or something, you are ensuring to reduce your impact on the environment and motivating others to do so by gifting plants or reusable gifts.

You know when you opt for sustainable corporate gifting, it indicates five crucial factors that motivate others to do so:

  • You think about the environment more than just profit.
  • You want others to join you in saving mother Earth.
  • Your company is environmentally friendly and is trying to reduce its impact.
  • We value your contribution to our firm/company.
  • We want everyone to ‘Go Green’ for a better future.

In this crisis, sustainable corporate gifting would ensure that if not in the present, at least in future, we might not have to face the wrath of climate change.

What Makes a Gift Sustainable?

Sustainability is a term widely spread in today’s time, but most people misinterpret it just with plants. They do not understand that whatever doesn’t harm the environment comes under sustainability. There are specific points that you need to take care of when you give a sustainable corporate gift.

  • Go for the gifts made of recycled, eco-friendly or repurpose material
  • Items that incorporate organic material
  • Products that are made of certified sustainable processes that are free from bleach or harmful chemicals.
  • Products that use zero-waste alternatives are free from single-use plastic.
  • Items that have sustainable industry certification.

If these things are present in your item, then your gift is good to go as a sustainable corporate gift option. Your one move can encourage many souls to do the same.

Reasons Why Business Gifts Should be Greener

With the increasing industries and climate problems, the world understands the importance of the environment and why the environmentally responsible one needs to be. Business gifts are given as a gesture of appreciation to clients/customers/employees for sticking by together. But people aren’t able to contribute towards the Earth through them. Not all corporate gifts are eco-friendly; some cause severe damage to the environment. So, why not we all join together and go greener, understanding the responsibilities we have.

There are some crucial reasons that would easily help you understand why you should go for sustainable corporate gifts.

  • Cost: Unlike other exclusive gifts, sustainable, eco-friendly gifts are pocket-friendly and give out a good message in society. Initially, you might think that in the business world, how these gifts will sustain, but once you have started giving out such gifts, the importance will increase, and when ordered in bulk, the price per piece also decreases. Also, the government is now offering tax reduction or some financial incentives to the companies adopting sustainability.
  • Exclusivity: It is your company who now wants to offer sustainable gifts to clients, employees or customers. Your competitors have not started it yet. So, this gesture will differentiate you from others and will help you to look different from your competitors. Your market name and goodwill will immediately increase because you would be taking care of the environment. This is a highly appreciated way to show your company’s USP, and your uniqueness will help you to grow your business. By avoiding imitation and taking a unique path, your company would choose a way to flourish.
  • Recipient-focused: This helps companies reinforce the brand identity by giving out a strong message to society and clients with the use of sustainable corporate gifting. It builds strong relations with the clients, customers or employees and allows you to give them something unique which they will like. Tailor-made sustainable corporate gifts can be sent out to encourage your allies and to build a strong relationship with everyone present.

In Conclusion

Remember, if you cannot find something suitable for your clients, employees, and customers, even plants are the best option to offer. You are here to help the Earth and to build a solid brand identity. This one gesture would help you go unique and choose the best for your brand as well as for nature. Understand the need for time and see what you can do from your side. We hope now you understand why sustainable corporate gifts are essential. Go Green and Keep Gifting!