The primary aim of most of the organisations all over the world is enhancing the profitability of the company. profitability of the company is calculated after the total investment made by the company is reduced from the total revenue collected after the entire sales process. While profitability can be a very difficult task for many organisations to boost, as there are numerous factors that are associated with an organisation when it comes to profitability. many companies try to either cut down the investment or enhance the revenue collection to enhance the profit but both the methods are not practical in the modern market. One of the most prominent method which is used by organisations to enhance the profitability is by working on a project. A project is the temporary desire of an organisation which completely deals with a unique product which helps the company in achieving their goal of a higher profit by making a market impact for the organisation. a project is a very important affair for the organisation has the reputation of the company is completely dependent upon the success rate of the project for which companies prefer hiring talented and knowledgeable project managers who have the potential to enhance the chances of the project turning out to be a success.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

There have been numerous projects management methodologies that have been adopted by Project managers to provide successful results to an organisation from a project. this project management methodologies have been designed in a specific manner in order to meet all the different requirements which the organisation might need in step by step methodology to help project managers manage a project effectively. talking about project management methodology is one of the most prominent and effective project management methodologies six Sigma project management method. Six Sigma is original process improvement methodology which WhatsApp on numerous different aspects of a project starting from a Grass root level allowing the company to improve the quality and quantity of reduction in the project. It focuses upon on three factors which is quality, quantity and time and it also gives an ample amount of importance to how the project is performing in the market and customer response. Six Sigma functions on the DMAIC principle. But this project management methodology also helps in getting into the world of project management with the six Sigma certification.

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How Can Someone get a Lean Six Sigma black Belt Certificate

Talking about the lean six Sigma Black belt certification understand that the black belt certificate is truly one of the most higher level of project management certification provided by six sigma. to get the certification of professional truly needs to be eligible to get the certification as this is not an entry level certification and a professional should actually have certain experience to get the certificate. To get the music Sigma Black belt certification professional needs to be having the green belt six Sigma certification which is primarily the previous level of the Black belt certificate. The lean six Sigma Black belt certification is provided only to those professionals who not only  clear the eligibility criteria but also the examination for the certification. The question which are professional faces in the examination for the lean six Sigma black belt is completely based on all the fundamentals of lean six Sigma Black belt which is expected from any candidate to understand and be able to execute the skills in practical problems.

Benefits of getting the Black belt Certification

There are numerous benefits which a professional experiences  after getting the lean six Sigma Black belt certification. The major benefits experienced by the professional is better job opportunities. Getting the lean six Sigma Black belt certification indicates that the professional has the opportunity to experience the world wide acceptance of the certification and work for any Organisation all over the world. this indicates that a professional can work anywhere in the world and experience equal functionality allowing him to have better job opportunities for himself. The next benefit which is widely appreciated by most of the certified professionals is a better salary. professionals with the lean six Sigma Black belt certification are more likely to get a much more salary in comparison to other professionals with a project management certification. this is a senior level project management certification indicating that the professional has all the necessary knowledge and skills which makes in worthy of having a higher pay.

It is advisable for professionals who clear the eligibility criteria for this certification to get the lean six Sigma Black belt certification to experience the best of their career.